How Many Readers Do You Have?

Being noticed is usually a good thing. Most of us feel that we are not noticed as much as we would like. And when we start a blog we write the best stuff we can and promote the blog to put it before more readers.

So how many readers do you have?

You can get a very rough idea from your comments. But sometimes you find busy blogs with few comments. You need the numbers. You also need to know what keywords used at Google brought folks to your blog. You need statistics. You can get some of this from your hosting account and you should check each domain once a month and look through your web statistics program. My fave is Awstats – they give you easy to understand graphs showing traffic and keywords.

But you need a plugin too to give you other information, such as which browser your readers use.


Again there various plugins that will provide info. The obvious one plugs into Google Analytics and that is probably the most used stats plugin. For those of us who dislike Google intruding everywhere this plugin is more acceptable.

Knowing how many readers you have is all part of your SEO.

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