Free Traffic Plugin – Want One?

Everyone wants more readers, aka traffic for their blog. Nobody want to learn S.E.O. or Search Engine Optimisation which is how you can build your website and copy to get free traffic and as much as possible. There is clearly a disconnect and SEO needs rebranding.

In Internet forums SEO seems to be thought of as a set of tricks and underhand techniques to fool Google. How anyone with even as few as 2 or 3 brain cells think they can trick the biggest Information Technology company on the planet employing a hugely impressive staff of Information scientists, enginers and others is beyond me.

SEO is a basic survival skill for you to learn and luckily there are several SEO plugins that offer help and there is one in particular that is superb and very widely used. There are others around pushed by rather well known marketers, who shall be nameless, that in my opinion could damage your blog.

Introducing the all singing and all dancing all optimising …

All In One SEO Plugin

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