Back Up and Safety for Your Business and Blog

Your long term survival and maybe even your short term survival may well depend on your action points on this issue. Many businesses go bust when they have a total data loss from their hard drives crashing or their websites and blogs getting hacked.

You must back up your blog!

There are 2 types of bloggers – those who have had a broken blog and those who will experience a broken blog. You don’t care about how and why – whether your webhost goes bust or is hit by a flood or tornado or whether some broken brained idiot breaks into your blog and destroys it.

You must have a back up for your blog!

It is so easy to install this back up plugin and so important that I think it is a priority plugin fora ll my blogs.


There are a few of these plugins and I have not tried them all. But just taking a few seconds to install this is real life saver.

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