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Today is a good day for email. I received the following from Sean Mize

Read, Absorb…and then take action!

Are you overwhelmed with information?  I know how it is.  You want
to get started online, and you buy an ebook for $100.  And it tells
you one good way to do things.

You start following the plan, and then you get a little stuck with
something.  So you go online searching for more information, and
you find another ebook that claims to have a better way of doing it.

So you buy that one – another $100.  You read it from cover to
cover, and find that there are some similarities, but that many of
the steps – the actual methods of getting the job done – are
significantly different.

Now you are confused.  Which to go with?  You can’t really do both?
Or maybe you just try to figure out which parts are best from each
one and do like a hybrid of the two?  The problem with that is you
don’t have enough experience to know what to pick and choose.

So what do you do?  Buy another book to solve the differences?  Of
course, that one will propose still another system.

Confusing, right?

I want to clear up some of the confusion.

First, there are many ways to become successful online.  There are
probably 100 different ways to route your list building campaign.
There are probably over 100 different step by step ways you can use
just to get started online – and then 100s or 1000s of options
after that.

For example, imagine these are my steps:

1)  Find a niche

2)  Build a web site

3)  Put a squeeze page on it

4)  Get an autoresponder

5)  Write an email campaign

6)  Write an ebook

7)  Send traffic to your site

Now, I could easily move them around, and get the same results:

1)  Build a web site

2)  Put a squeeze page on it

3)  Find a profitable niche

4)  Write an email campaign

5)  Get an autoresponder

6)  Send traffic to your site

7)  Write an ebook

How many different combinations could I come up with, just moving 7
steps around?  And really there are 30 or 40 steps when you get
started.  You can move those around in just about an infinite
number of configurations.  Is one better than the other?  Maybe,
maybe not.  But the important thing is that you do all the steps.

Now, you may be thinking, well, what about each of those steps,
different people tell me different ways to do it.

Of course there are different ways to do each step.

Think about the sending traffic step.  How many different kinds of
traffic are there?  100?  200?  How many can any one person get
good at?  I am only good at one.  Another expert is good at one or
two.  What do you think we are going to write about?  The one we
are good at.  Mine works as well as his (and vice versa).  But I am
only an expert at one.

And that holds true for every other step in the process – there are
multiple ways to do things – all of which work – but to make them
work, you have to get good at ONE of them.  Not all of them.  Not
dabble in each.

Not mix up all the things you learn in different books.

So here’s your homework for the weekend.

Go to your harddrive and find one of those books you bought that
you tried and it wasn’t perfect.

You didn’t understand everything, or you got stuck.  Or you thought
there was a better way.  Look, your way might be better, but if you
aren’t making more money than the person that write the book –
you might as well do it there way first!

Bu this time.  Stick with it.  Follow through.  If you get stuck –
work through it.  So what if it takes you a whole week to learn

I remember when I first started I would spend an entire day or two
trying to figure out how to do something I can do in 5 minutes now.
But I had to go through it and work it out and do the hard work.

And some of that cannot be done in a book – you just have to do the
work to figure it out.

Now, get to work!


Alex Says: you have noticed a few typos in Seans email, To quote Mike Litman, “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”.

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