Internet Skills-Who Needs Skill?

Few beginners on the Internet, newbies, to coin a phrase seem to realise that the Internet Marketers earning a good living online are doing so simply because they are in possession of any particular skill.

As someone who taught Physics including laboratory skills and Information Technology and Statistics including mathematical skills I have a high opinion and regard for skill.

Skills can be learned and honed. Every athlete hones a number of relevant skills and they know that perpetually pushing their skill level higher is the secret to success.

It is odd that we don't see this carry over into Internet business. People here – especially Newbies seem to expect to be able to make a living by using some trick, some secret or even some software to "make money".

There are many ways that you can "make money" on the Internet-you can sell items on eBay, you can blog and get Adsense revenue, you can set up a Yahoo or Amazon store..and more!

All of these ways of doing business require knowledge and practise and skill.

There are no "secrets" in internet marketing. All talk of "Underground" meetings, "Closed door" seminars and "revolutionary discoveries" is moonshine sold to the gullible by clever and in my view unscrupulous marketers.

When I taught Information technology and Physics Laboratory skills I simply identified the necessary skills my students needed and devised safe efficient and hopefully interesting ways of acquiring and practising them.

It is no different on the Internet!

You must know about Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, Blogs…and that is why I created the A to Z Lessons for newbie on the net.

Want to make money?

Then go work at the printing press that prints banknotes. The rest of us work at learning the skills we need to build a business, one that will sustain far into the future.And then we use those skills to build a high quality website where we do something specific such as sell products or services or advertising space or some other legitimate exchange.

If I could change one thing in Internet Marketing it would be to ban the phrase "making money" and swap it for "earning mooney". We earn money online just the way we earn money offline – by doing something worthwhile.

What that is for each of us depends on what skills we have. But whether you are a writer, salesperson or professional freelancer there is a way of using the Internet to expand your ability to earn that is nothing to do with secrets tricks or revolutionary discoveries.

And you know what? That is the good news, because that is doable. All of us can roll up our sleeves and work and earn our money. The web used properly exapnds the amount we can earn hugely.

So what are your skills? Because there is the "secret" of your online success…

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