Spring Cleaning Round 2

The best reason to avoid doing a spring clean is that it might take over and hold you hostage…or something. Here I am weeks after I thought I'd do a Spring Clean of my blogs / online business…still Spring Cleaning or…something.

I did want to do a very thorough job and for me that could mean years of research, heh heh! So I guess I better set some kind of limit.

Handy Dandy Limit

And even before I set my limit down for the entire Universe aka 5,000 spam bots and 1.5 people to see I reach for a caveat. This does feel a little like foraging for a Selfie Stick but whatever.

Caveat Begins

"When you don't know what to do, do nothing", Matt Kahn.

Caveat Ends

Super duper caveat eh?

I could wax lyrical about my caveat but let's get the Limit onto the page…The limit is to get the hell going by March 21st, the Spring Equinox with all its ancient symbolism of Stonehenge and cosmology and maybe a few Druids too.

The thing is I keep finding stuff. Stuff that will impact on my blog. Just yesterday Google Hangout guy John Mueller told us to nofollow our footer links ( go on check my footer links, I'll wait!)  – so today I did just that.

Now I can flop on the sofa with an air of exhaustion and a job well done and all that.

And Categories, O Lord don't mention them. I feel settled on a bunch of Categories and then I think just which Category would this post go under or that post and I am all undone and several more days of staring at whiteboards ensue.

Anyhow that will be history come the Equinox.

And since we're in the Chinese Year of the Sheep now the fact that the Equinox ushers us into Aries seems about right!

Enjoy your Spring Cleaning eh?

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