Marketing For Internet Success

Marketing is the weak spot for many businesses.

Most “Internet Newbies” pay scant regard to it and seem to be focussed on tactics and technicalities relating to websites, social media and whatever trivia is hitting their In Box. They call themselves “I.M ers” and ignore basic Marketing principles. It’s very puzzling and I am as guilty of this as any. I came from a Teaching background ( Physics and I.T.)  and apart from part time student jobs had no business experience whatever. I used the Internet to research information to help me and my students. I taught myself to build a website and years later when I had retrained in Natural Medicine realise that my Natural Health Clinic needed a website.

One thing led to another – as it does.

And now, years later I have retrained (again!) as an Internet Marketer.

Partially because the Internet is so new educational resources were very poor when I came online and I bought one inferior product after another and the learning curve was very slow. Added to that many of those creating and selling such products had no interest in helping me train or learn, their sole concern was to create junk products, sell them fast and move on.

This was not incompetance – it was and is a scam and a scandal.

And there was one might say, a “deafening silence about this cheating and skullduggery”. It seemed that all were looking the other way. Of course there were honest and competant marketers out there telling the truth and doing good work.

Not many, but there were a few.

I think even they felt intimidated by the tidal wave of sleaze that inundated Internet Marketing because they rarely spoke out and it’s hard to out shout a Tsunami anyhnow!

The Tide Changes

Over the last year or so I seemed to feel a change. Was it a shift in the wind or tide? I don’t know what produced it – possibly just a critical mass in the number of honest straight people in the market.

  • Lynn Terry got a reputation for speaking out
  • Donald McGonagle put a “Not Reccomeded” page on his blog
  • Tiffany Dow reviews products honestly and calls the product owners names!
  • Shane Melaugh does video rants about crap products
  • Andrew Hansen denouces crap products

Now I’m sure there are other honest marketers as well. Years ago I warned my readers about a new trend I spotted – the emergence (from the swamp I guess) of fake review sites. It’s  not easy nowadays to find honest review sites…

Where Does This Leave You?

Business owners have even less time at their disposal than the usual Internet Newbie in which to learn the ropes. Getting taken for a ride by a website designer is common place with very high prices being charged for a website which glitters nicely but alas does not bring in the gold.

The Gold is in the Marketing. Finding out what people want and making it easy for them to buy it is what we are all focussed on. Or should be. The tactics may vary and technical details can all be handled but the basic proinciple behind every successful buisness are the same…

  1. Ask the market what it wants
  2. Provide it
  3. Pocket the profit

And if we focus 80 or 90% of our energy on high value activites we’ll make the progress we want; and if we spend our time on random forum threads and chasing push button software we’ll get nowhere.

Your priority is to decide which business model you want to follow and then learn all you need to get started along that road while stubbornly ignoring ALL ELSE.

  • If you want an ecommerce store then focus on it
  • If you decide on Affiliate marketing then go for it
  • If creating products is your thing then ignore all else

– whatever your decision, it is correct and right for you. Other people may make other decisions that are right too – for them. Your first task is to choose which path to follow.

Carlos Castenada told us to “Follow a path with a heart” and that sounds like damn good business advice.

What’s yours?

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