Action Plans

Everyone has dreams but action plans are what successful people have. Using simple aids to organisation and time management can make a huge difference.

And that leads to the question of which plans to use. To help solve that puzzle I have reviewed on this blog a number of the top systems for website production in WordPress.

Action Plans for Your Blogging

Adsense Boot Camp

Run by Steve Crookes, well known in the Warrior Forum this is a Membership site where the lessons are delivered inside the site daily over a 7 week period.

Steve has just changed the delivery to a weekly schedule each of the daily lessons consists of a video and a PDF.

WordPress For Affiliate Sites

Dr.Andy Williams is well known for his SEO skills and has several products to his credit. Well he made the transition from HTML sites to WordPress and turned the transition into a course lasting for 5 months.

Update – the course has now terminated.

WordPress For Affiliates Guide

Telian Adlam’s WordPress eBook covers the ground thoroughly and simply. She covers unusual and important topics such as Affiliate datafeeds and Silo sites, the latter in a special report.

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