Hello Dolly – Goodbye Dolly

One of the first things you notice as a beginner to blogging is the “Hello Dolly” plugin. with all the mystery and complication of blogging that all beginners face it seems incongruous if not weird to have this plugin pre – installed on your blog.

Hello Dolly

Most people don’t give it a single thought and ignore it. This is very sensible but for some reason it irks me to have this useless plugin in my blog! So I just hit the delete button usually and say “Goodbye Dolly” and “I would rather not see you again Dolly” – but I know that the next blog I install that pesky plugin will be there.


Of course Akismet – the anti spam plugin comes with the blog too and that I’m quite happy about. Akismet – and the name comes from the letter “A” standing for automatic added to “Kismet” meaning fate or maybe even revenge – the plugin’s  useful and provides a pretty much hands off or automatic way of giving spammy comments what they deserve – the trash bin.

Akismet is not always correct but it’s pretty good and earns its place in the blog.

Unlike “Hello Dolly”.

Anyhow it gives me a little fun to delete it as I tidy up a blog I’m working on.

How about you – do you say “Hello Dolly” when you login to your blog or do you ignore it. How do you feel about WordPress coming with plugins already installed?

Speak out and leave your opinion below…

WordPress Security – How to Protect Your Blog

There’s just been notice from wordpress that all WordPress blogs need to be updated to the latest version as a matter of urgency. NOt being a coder and on the inside track of WordPress security problems I do not know the details, I just took action on the alert and updated all my blogs. The simplest way of protecting your blogs is keeping them up to date.

Next comes using the right plugins.

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